Aries (Af-10-1040-Bb) 10"X4.5" Big Blue Coal Gac Filter

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CARBON CARTRIDGESCarbon filtration is an effective and inexpensive way to take out contaminants and chemicals ordinarily used with tap water. Aries FilterWorks carbon cartridges are the ideal choice for flavor and organic reduction,, chlorine removal and odor control. Premium carbons are available on coal or coconut layer and are acid was for a balanced. California Prop sixty five compliance ensures each lot of media complies with EPA recommended amounts of contaminants, including arsenic. Approximately CarbonActivated carbon has amazing absorptive qualities, and that makes it prosperous in removing chlorine, sediment and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). The Carbon debris have a large surface area, making it possible for a small quantity of carbon to efficiently filter large volumes of water. As water passes through the carbon filter numerous chemicals and contaminants in the bath are bonded at a molecular level to the carbon, successfully removing them from the bath. A big portion of organic contaminants and chemical compounds, that cause flavor and odor problems are removed by carbon.

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